Sepagen is primarily a scientific consultancy business bringing together the capabilities of Drs Brian Adger and Ray McCague, who have extensive experience in the life sciences and chemicals areas. The core technology expertise of the business concerns separation science, used to obtain highly pure products, and to integrate into the process chemistry to provide complete synthetic routes suitable for manufacturing scale.

The service offering includes:

  • Analysis of choice of synthetic routes
  • Market reports in the life sciences and speciality chemicals sectors
  • Intellectual property support, including evaluation of prior art, drafting patent specifications and claims, and expert advice and witnessing in patent litigation
  • Assistance with CMC section compilation of Drug Master Files
  • Due diligence of scientific technology-orientated business and project plans

For further information please contact us at: enquiries@sepagen.com

Sepagen Limited, Registered Office: Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue, London SW19 2RR, UK;
Company Number 6577610.