Market Reports

Based upon extensive collections of information that the Founders of Sepagen have built over the years, together with a combined knowledge of the various aspects of the industry and technologies, we offer various market research reports. These can be tailored to meet a client's particular requirements for finding new business opportunities. Amongst the reports that can be provided are for opportunities in:

  • a chosen sub-section of upto 100 entities from the pharmaceutical market (e.g. having a particular therapeutic use or containing a specific chemical substructure).
  • fine chemicals for pharmaceuticals and specialist applications.
  • pesticides and insecticides.
  • chemocatalysis technology and subsets of this such as asymmetric hydrogenation.
  • biocatalysis technology.
  • ozonololysis
  • peptide synthesis
  • chromatography
  • ...any related area that interests you!

For further information and pricing of reports please contact us at: enquiries@sepagen.com

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